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Headquartered in Bangalore, India, NividTech online Services focus on IT related Services. We are a dynamic team specializing in the Technical forefront for Software Development, Software Product Development, Mobile Application Development, Desktop applications, Business Automation, IT consulting, Software maintenance, Web application development and Web design.

Invoking excellent client-centric standards, our young and vibrant crew are anxious to expand the horizon over the technical knowledge.We have a sophisticated business relationship with all our 300+ Clientele, which includes the sectors such as Healthcare, Logistics, Transportation, Automobiles, Services and Web Portals.

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We are one of leading digital education provides in association with pu science colleges in india.We have a while lable software etc

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Our Team

Recently, our team started focusing on the segment of Education as well, to refine the performances of students in competitive exams, by bringing forth an innovative and digital style through CETSuccess.COM.

We relish ourselves in developing one of the kind applications that has the qualities to suit the aspects of this digital era. Like the other prominent services we provided in the industry have sustained, we anticipate to pioneer more of the sort in the future to IT industry.

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