Who We are?

Facing a widening skills gap in an increasingly technology-based world, we wanted to provide a place where kids could get their hands muddy to experiment on a wide range of technology concepts.

We are on a mission to inspire young people across geography to become the next generation of confident technologists, creative thinkers, and digital leaders of this tech-enabled future.

Our pedagogy focuses on project-based learning, problem-solving and creative skills. Our tutors come with an experience of having hands-on knowledge of the latest technology in coding, digital media, and design. The students are inspired by the collaborative and creative work environment. Parents love our small class size.

Learning Philosophy

We ensure that kids aren’t staring at screens all day. Our curriculum team works round the clock to design new and innovative programs that give kids the best possible learning experience.

Our Values

We focus on 3 Ps – Practice, Play, and Progress. They represent our core values and are the key principles to learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Why Choose Us ?

Quality: All of our courses are produced using the latest technology and techniques available and our Learner Management System has been designed to be simple and easy to use. We ensure that our e-Learning courses are updated as soon as any changes to regulations and statutory guidance are introduced and that our customers are kept up-to-date with what is expected of them.

Expertise: With a collective experience of more than 50+ years in the technology industry, we have expertise who can make kids fall in love with online learning. Our client base is also broad and diverse and this experience allows us to understand the best way to provide exceptional e-Learning resources wherever & whenever it is required the most.

Support: Our team is always available to answer any queries and proactively work with our customers to ensure they get the very best from their investment, whether that is helping run reports, or providing updates on new courses. We are here to provide the highest quality level of care possible and our easy-to-use e-Learning platform.

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