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Feb 18, 2019 - Mar 20, 2019
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12 the Borad Important Topics Course is a introductory course to help students to practice some important questions which appeared in previous exams. It also helps to revise concepts covered in these important chapters.

Section 1Physics
Lecture 1Gausse's Law
Lecture 2Electric Fields & Potential - Problems
Lecture 3Capacitance Solved Questions
Lecture 4Electric Dipole
Lecture 5Magnetic Field Due to Electric Curret
Section 2Chemistry
Section 3Mathematics
Lecture 7Integral Calculus
Lecture 8Three Dimensional Geometry
Lecture 9AM GM Inequality
Lecture 10AM-GM Inequality - Problems
Lecture 11Trignometric Functions - Problems
Lecture 12Differential Calculus - Problems
Lecture 13Integral Calculus - Problems
Section 4Biology