Online Course
Jul 25, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020

The Repeater Courses are specifically designed for those students who have already appeared in the engineering or medical entrance exams but did not qualify, those who qualified but did not get admission in the institute of their choice due to their low score, those who did not get their expected ranks and those who did not even once appear in entrance exam due to class XII exams and wish to drop one year for exclusive preparation for coveted entrance exam.

The highly qualified faculty recruited for this course gives individual and extra attention to these students in order to help them score well. The training becomes even more rigorous and the students are required to go through more and more tests. The students are constantly encouraged to try out new sets of problems on their own without the help of teachers which make them more confident for the second round of test.

As some of these students have already gone through the training schedule, more focus is laid on clearing their doubts and on the practice sessions. These practice sessions uncover the weaknesses of these students and the faculty works on solving the problems faced by them to enhance their understanding of the particular subject.

It is ensured that a student practices a wide array of problems so as to widen his/ her knowledge domain. Moreover, the problem sets are exhaustive and a student is made to practice these sets again and again till the time he is crystal clear in his/her approach towards solving a problem.


JEE Repeater Programme is a highly result oriented course for students who drop a year for preparation aiming for admission the following year.

Subject expert faculties of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics trained in JEE & Other Engineering Entrance Exam will be assigned for lesson lectures. Our Faculty panel mainly consists of IIT & NIT alumni who have gone through this process of competitive exams themselves.

  • 5-6 days a week(Monday – Saturday)
  • 4 Hours Per Day
  • Fully loaded study tab
  • Concept Revision through Synopsis
  • Concept Questions with Explantion
  • Assingment Questions
  • Daily Practice Tests with detailed solutions
  • Preparation Analysis Reports
  • Improvement Tests.
  • Works offline without internet