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Study Materials & NEET-CET Test Series with video Explanation. Suitable for both Tution Going & Self Studying students.

NEET-CET - 2019 Test Series

Specially designed for students who are preparing to crack NEET/ CET exams. This course revises the whole of NEET/CET Syllabus through the test Series.

Course Objective

  • Transforming student’s preparation from concept learning to application & analytical learning
  • To help students with preparation strategy to crack NEET & KCET
  • Providing students sufficient practice of Full syllabus tests


  • Simplifying subject by breaking down the structure basic level questions to applied level questions 
  • Technology based Progress tracking to build conceptual clarity 
  • Mentoring the students in problem solving through test series discussion
  • Analytical approach for the comprehensive coverage of applied topics
  • Strategic design of model papers to hunt the expected questions
  • Anwering the  difficult questions through elimination method
  • Time management skills to complete the question paper within the specified time
  • Replicating the exam environment in the test series to bring out students from the exam fear 

Why choose SmartIQ Test Series ?

The study material is thoroughly examined by subject experts to ensure that the content covers the entire syllabus, and is based on latest examination pattern.

The SmartIQ Study app eases all aspects of exam preparation and practicing with its exciting gamified experience. This will engage all the students to be stress-free in their preparation, making it more efficient.

Smart IQ addresses all the difficulties faced by students like proper time-management, efficiency, number of mistakes committed and answering all questions on time. The application attends to these details and fixes these glitches.

Smart IQ mock tests gives the required confidence boost to the students to score better and improve their test performance with different difficulty levels. This has a higher scoring impact in competitive exams and academics.

Sudent Benefits

  • Students get perfect direction for the preparation for CET & NEET
  • Precise and reliable study material
  • Practice tests give exact feel of NEET & CET papers by providing enough tests that eliminates anxiety and fear of the exam
  • Misconceptions and repeated errors are cleared by the faculties
  • Helps in making students learn how to manage time during the exam Post every test, students can measure the scope of improvement in respective subject
  • Boosts confidence of students so that they can score good