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Specially designed for students who are preparing to crack CET exams. This course revises the whole of the CET Syllabus. It greatly focuses on Developing the Logical and conceptual Approach required to handle Objective questions and equip the student with skills to ensure a guaranteed success by a regular test to evaluate the candidate.

Course Objective

  • Transforming student’s preparation from concept learning to application & analytical learning
  • To help students with 15 Days Strategy to Crack CET
  • Providing students sufficient practice of 6 hours/day


Scientifically Designed program for Stress Free Learning Experience

  • Concept Revision of all topics through Synopsis.
  • Thoroughly examined contents ensure that the content covers the entire syllabus, and is based on the latest examination pattern.
  • Pre-scheduled Study Planner and tests on CET Pattern
  • Concept questions with explanation.
  • Assignment Questions.
  • SmartStudy Tab with Assignment & Practice Questions.
  • Daily Practice Tests.
  • Full Syllabus Mock Tests.
  • Improvement Tests
  • Focus on providing short tips and tricks for lengthy and complicated questions Doubt Clearing Session by faculties

Student Benefits

  • Students get perfect direction for the preparation for CET
  • The precise and reliable study material
  • Practice tests give exact feel of CET papers by providing enough tests that eliminate anxiety and fear of the exam
  • Misconceptions and repeated errors are cleared by the faculties
  • Helps in making students learn how to manage time during the exam Post every test, students can measure the scope of improvement in the respective subject
  • Boosts confidence of students so that they can score good

We provide:

1. REGULAR BREAKS: Students take Regular Breaks to Refresh and Re-Energize their minds. 

2. BREATHING EXERCISES & YOGA: Breathing Exercises and Yoga during breaks to keep the Stress away and mind calm and cool

3. DIET RECOMMENDATIONS: We also recommend a suitable Diet plan to keep Students fit and healthy for the Bootcamp

4. MUSIC: Soothing Music to Re-Energize the Mind & Soul and make Students to Re-Focus

5. FUN FACTS SHARING: Sharing the Fun Facts about the Topics makes Learning Fun and Interesting 

During exam times, students tend to study long hours. This has been proved not effective. Nothing is worse than sitting down at a desk for four hours only to realize that they have read the same paragraph three times without understanding any of it. Hence to keep the productivity and motivation levels high, taking sufficient (although not excessive) study breaks is essential. This helps them to re-focus.
Deep Breathing exercise helps to reduce the stress, anxiety and keep calm. It also sharpens the ability to focus. Hence its always beneficial for children to practice breathing exercises especially during exam time.
These stress relieving activities improves the productivity. These activities are designed to refresh their minds and help them to re-focus. Although these activities take around 40 mins to 1 hour in a day, the increased productivity during study hours gives students a big advantage.
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Enrolled: 12 students
Duration: 15 Days
Lectures: 4
Video: 100+ Live hours
Level: Advanced


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